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Industrial Screw
Industrial Screw

Industrial Screw

Our range of Hyundai Screw Compressors are highly customisable to meet your requirements, ideal for anyone looking for a high-powered, low-cost and reliable source of air. 

The high-efficiency motor and screw air-end is designed for continuous operation, with long service intervals and low maintenance. These compressors are ideal for spray shops, tyre-fitting garages, large workshops and small factories.

The Hyundai rotary screw compressor range consists of eight models with 7.5hp, 10hpm 15hp and 20hp motors. Tank capacity options include 300, 350 and 500 litre.

This range includes VSD permanent magnet models and screw compressors with integrated dryers.

We recommend that all screw compressors are professionally specified and installed to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and lifespan. Please feel free to contact us so that we can ensure the correct compressor is selected for your application.

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